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Dalmatian Puppy Prices 


We are NOT affiliated with BYB puppy mill-> InkyDink in ANY WAY!

Payments & Deposit options are Venmo,  Zelle, cash or GoodDog.

 (Any puppies on "reserve" mean Paid in Full and are not available for purchase.)
So if you pay a waitlist fee and a puppy/puppies are already on reserve, you will have your pick of all AVAILABLE puppies, the one or ones on reserve will be non ex
istent in sales when born and picked and will not be posted publically after they're chosen. Say there are 10 puppies, and there are 2 reserves, I will only notify that there are 8 puppies available and you will have first, second or third pick of the 8.

Do NOT make any deposits or payments until your application is approved

Below you will find specific pricing on our Dalmatian puppies.

Prices vary, from coat color, eye color, Registration, LUA or HUA & Pass of Baer Testing. All current prices listed are self explanatory and must pay an additional 6% sales tax. Buyers will receive an emailed invoice of remaining balance 1 week prior to pick ups.

  1. If a puppy does not pass Baer testing, and is 100% deaf and you decided you don't want it, your deposit and waitlist fee will be refunded or moved to another litter. If a puppy is deaf in one ear and you decide you dont want it, your deposit will go toward another puppy or future litter. A puppy deaf in 1 ear is NOT a deaf dog. 

  2. Everyone interested in purchasing a puppy must fill out an application and be approved before taking deposits and being on a waitlist. (you must pick out your puppy at 6 weeks old within 24 hours, it is not fair to keep others waiting to pick theirs out. If I feel a certain puppy is not a good match for your family, I will give you another option to choose from-I have never had any returns or surrenders)

  3. Co ownership is $1,000 off full breeding rights. Go to "contracts & applications" page to review the contract. We do want guardian homes for future puppies. meaning you get a free puppy! please see our Guardian Home info page.

  4. All puppies require a $300. non refundable deposit upon approved application.

  5. I will only sell breeding rights to  other breeders & people approved of the Breeding Applicants. I will not sell my puppies to new or first time breeders unless you are prepared to handle the responsibility of breeding dogs. In which you can go to the contracts page and fill out a breeder application and email it to me.  If you are interested in breeding rights please send me an email and tell me about your home, work schedule, your plans, and set up and anything else you feel necessary to tell me about. If you try to breed without paying for breeding rights, not only will you NOT be able to register the puppies with ANY registry, (hense why all dogs and puppies are registered with ALL US registries) you will be responsible for fines and court costs as more detailed info listed in the spay/neuter contract. So if you plan to breed, it would be in your best interest to be honest and just pay the extra balance to avoid penalties.

  6. We reserve the right to not sell a puppy to anyone we don't approve.

  7. We do NOT sell our puppies to apartment renters. THESE ARE NOT APARTMENT DOGS!

  8. All dalmatian puppies are BAER tested, vaccinated, microchipped, LUA puppies are tested with GenSol.

  9. We allow you to make multiple payments installments until pick up or the remainder at pick up. It's up to you, we are flexible to make life more convenient for you.



Tri color & Brindle





AKC Boys- $1400.

AKC Girls- $1800.

CKC Boys- $1200.

CKC Girls-$1400. 

AKC Breeding Rights are $3000

CKC Breeding Rights are $2500


AKC Boys- $900

AKC Girls- $1400

All Breeding rights are $3000.


AKC  Boys- $2200

AKC  Girls- $2400

AKC  Lemon or liver Boys- $2000

AKC  Lemon or liver Girls- $2200

CKC Liver or lemon Boys- $1400

CKC Liver or lemon Girls- $1800

ALL Breeding rights are $3,000



AKC & CKC HUA Liver and white

CKC Boys- $1000

CKC Girls- $1200

AKC Boys- $1800

AKC Girls- $2000

AKC Breeding Rights are $3000

CKC Breeding Rights are $2500




CKC Boys- $1200

CKC Girls- $1400

AKC Boys- $1800

AKC Girls- $2000

AKC Breeding Rights are $3000

CKC Breeding Rights are $2500



What Comes With Your Puppy

  1. Vaccinations & record keeping

  2. BAER testing results

  3. microchip 

  4. Registration Papers

  5. Copies of contracts

  6. Bill of sale

  7. 30 day insurance

  8. Health Certificate from vet

ALL litters are dual registered with ALL US registries to ensure the safety of their health and non breeding purposes. So if you intend to buy a puppy with limited registration and try to dual register with CKC or NKC or ACA, etc. you will NOT be able to. I pay these extra registration costs to make sure my puppies are not bred when they leave my home. Most breeders are too cheap to do this because they care more about what's in their pocket. These are my babies and I will anything possible to keep them safe. So please be honest on your application.

!We are no longer accepting home visits prior to pick ups.! We can FaceTime whenever, or provide you with references. We have our reasons, sorry but the answer is no.

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