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The Full Story

In every movie, every book, every person, there's a story. This is mine. I'll try and keep it short and simple. This is my opportunity to give a background on who I am, my core values with my dogs, my commitment to them and to customers and what my site has to offer and how I stand out from the crowd and how I got started on this professional journey.

I'm a sucker for wanderlust, travel, adventure and love for animals. I got my first Dalmatian stuffed animal in the 90's, however; being so young, care free, and playing with friends and childhood games, I didn't desire a Dalmatian at the time because we already had a chocolate lab and a German Shepard. At age 22, I moved to Florida pursuing modeling, then California to join an agency, then las vegas. In 2015 I moved home and continued to fly for work in San Francisco doing production assisting for Maxum magazine and other collaborators. Three nights after flying back home I was in a car accident that changed my life. I was no longer able to fly for almost a year and feared driving. Life had changed. Surgeries, physical therapy, therapists, psychiatrists; I then decided to get a dog and a van and try to make changes. I did a few months of research before deciding which breed best suited my lifestyle. I found dude on Craigslist at 4 months old, I waited 2 weeks before making the final decision and I'm so glad I did. Then came Delilah because I wanted him to have a friend while I was at work and felt I wanted a girl of my own. Then one day, my mom gave me an old Dalmatian stuffed animal she said she found in my grandmothers basement. If that wasn't a sign of fate and destiny, I don't know what was! Now, about to turn 35, and 5 dogs and a school bus later, I've never been happier!





My Goal in the beginning with my dogs wasn't to breed to "better genetics", it was to expand the breed that's been so rare for so long. Everyone always says, "you never see Dalmatians anymore". Well now after learning and growing and taking canine college and educating myself, my goals have expanded. I want to better genetics, I study as much as I'm able; I want to see more families raising their kids with Dalmatians and breaking the stigma of the reputation and provide information the newbies need for their new pups in an adequate manner and attend more AKC events (and get my kid involved).

I started this and drug my family into it, haha. They're happy to play a role in what I'm trying to do. We don't raise our dogs in kennels, they are all home raised. I'm sure if I ever make it to 25 dogs, there will be doggy doors from the back doors leading to two large fenced in areas (one for boys, one for girls) leading to individual VERY LARGE heated insulated barn shed with beds for everyone, so they can choose to be outside, in their own private "home" or in the house with us. Haha, maybe I'll come up with some better ideas too, who knows. I believe I stand out from some breeders because I haven't heard much from people about breeders puppy pad training their puppies. yes ITS EXPENSIVE, but I know if i was buying a puppy, I would want my first week to be as convenient as possible in the simple steps of training so I go that extra mile to make sure they are crate trained and puppy pad trained before going to new homes. I also give them filtered water, NOT faucet because their health growth is important to me and those of you who filter your water, you know "ZERO WATER FILTERS" aren't cheap either, and I go through 2 a month now for me and my dogs, and maybe 3-4 in a month for us and the puppies when they're around 4-5 weeks old. I am most definitely a lifetime support breeder. I still talk to people from 3 years ago. I love dog lovers and I feel I make a connection with the people who buy puppies from me. There's so much more to come, only a fool can tell the future. 




Due to us being an LLC, please review the dog breeds restricted in your states insurances, also talk to your landlord if you rent if his insurance covers the dog for any possible damages in the future. Review here!

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