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Delilah is  AKC Standard short coat, HUA, lemon and liver free. She is also registered with all US registries and has 3 titles. She is friendly, hard working, great mom and the best dog we have. She's had 4 litters with 1-2 puppies from each litter continue to compete in AKC competitions.



Davina is HUA- CKC with AKC lineage. Mom and grandma were never registered so she couldnt be transferred. She is definitely the mature one of our group. She likes to play nanny role of any of our litters. She's very laid back and sweet. 


    Dream is AKC- heterozygous LUA,  lemon and liver free. She is super sweet and friendly, lazy and very dopey. just a silly laid back girl always ready for adventures.


    Davony is AKC/CKC dual registered. She is HUA, orange/Lemon and liver carrier. She is the most people friendly social girl we have. Goofy personality and loves to smile! She's always happy, hyper and ready for new adventures!

    Our Small breeds


    Brinley is AKC, & dual registered with all US registries. She is sweet, friendly, playful, not a much of a barker, independent and gets along with all dogs and people and kids. She loves to be outside, we hardly see her during the day because she prefers to bask on the porch or play with Davina. She is basically Davinas pet.



    Winnie is AKC toy poodle; red. Grandfather has won champion shows. She is playful, very sweet, no anxiety problems, gets along with all dogs and people and kids. She's very smart and is quick to train and loves to learn new things.


    Ophelia is AKC miniature long coat dapple dachshund. She is super friendly, fearless, and loves to play and meet others. She's super sweet, truly an amazing girl. 


    Embark Results

    Sofie is a AKC Maltese. She is spunky, spoiled brat full of life, sassiness, and she really takes what she wants when she wants it and doesn't take no for an answer. She is pure Hollywood ideal. lol

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