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All puppies sold!

You can get on the waitlist for sept/oct. litter.

Be sure to check out the VIP page in the menu bar.

We are NOT accepting in home visits this year prior to pick ups. We can FaceTime or I can provide you with a list of current and past references. We have reasons for this now and the answer is no. Puppies must be picked out within 24 hours after 6 weeks old or I will continue down the list of customers. It's not fair to make everyone else wait, please be considerate of others. 


You can feel free to make payments until they are ready to go to new homes or pay the remainder in cash at pick up, or meet up. 

1- Please Fill out a small breed application and email it to or

2-Shippping- We use Furry Trails Pet Transport LLC directly to your home if you need shipping. 

Or if you want to schedule your own shipping via ground we suggest shipley as you can get multiple bids for your price preference. For us to meet you-It's $30 to meet 20 miles or less and $50 to meet 25-35 miles. 

2- $500 waitlist fee- waitlist fees are for the people who want to ensure a puppy before breeding takes place. (Yes the waitlist fee goes towards to sale of the puppy) Next Breeding will take place in September litter should be born around end of November, then no more litters until 2026. Waitlist fees will be refunded if there are no puppies.

$300 minimum non refundable Deposit required to be paid after puppies are born. (ignore this if you paid a waitlist fee) via venmo,  Zelle  on approved applicants once the puppies are born. (If you choose to make a higher deposit that's okay too) Links for payments are at the bottom of the page.)- RESERVES ARE PAID IN FULL. (If you put a deposit down and have first pick, and another customer wants to pay in full to ensure the puppy they want, you will have the next choice before the others. Some people don't like waiting on others to decide this is why the option is available)


Feel free to finance your payments after deposit is received or remainder can be paid at pick up or meet up. The week prior to going to homes, I will email everyone an invoice of the remaining balance owed at pick up including 6% sales tax.) (Payment options are at the bottom of the page) Payments can also be made through GoodDog

OFA testings and Embark DNA results are available  (see Our Dogs page in th menu bar)

Havanese Genetic Health Conditions

  • Hemophilia A (Discovered in the Havanese)

    Hemophilia A, also known as Factor VIII Deficiency, is a blood clotting disorder, which can cause bruising or abdominal bleeding without apparent reason. The disease is more commonly seen in male dogs.


  • Most/almost all dogs have 1 or 2 copies of ALT which is one of several enzymes produced by the liver. IMPORTANTLY, this is NOT a health problem. For further information from the experts visit this site recommended by veterinarians. Genetic information on ALT


AKC Havanese puppies for sale in PA

Black & Phantom- F-$1800  M-$1600

White & Lemon- F-$1400 M-$1200

Chocolate- F-$2000  M-$18000

Fawn/sable- F-$1400  M-$1200

Havanese breeders in Pennsylvania
puppies for sale in Pennsylvania

AKC info
Prices are limited registration. 
Males & Females
are the same price
$3000. Full registration

F1  HavaPoos

Females $900. limited registration
Female $1200. Full registration
Males $800  limited registration
Males $1000. Full registration

All AKC dogs and puppies sold with no breeding rights are dual registered with ALL North American Registries in our name. So if you purchase a puppy without breeding rights and you breed later and try to dual register with a paw evaluation with CKC or any other registry, you will not be able to. You will also be contacted and fined by your local attorney generals office. This is for the protection of our dogs & our business. So please be honest and up front when filling out an application.

Helpful Coat color guide (see links below)

Food We Feed Our Dogs

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